Should I Use A Free Spam Blocker


With over 70 billion spams floating around the Internet every day, and Symantec announced that spam continues to increase, it is more important than ever to protect your email from spam. The most effective method he is using spam blocker programs designed specifically to filter out spam before it reaches your inbox.

Spam blockers usually work with a combination of blacklists, White Lists and Bayesian (pronounced Bayes- I – to) filters. The Black List categories automatically from a specific email address (or domain name) as spam. Whitelist classes automatically from a particular email as spam. The Bayesian Filter looks at all left over after blacklists and White Lists have been applied and classes there, based on what you label historic spam. This type of technology is very efficient spam filters.

Spam blockers, like most everything else on the Internet are both paid and free versions, and the quality ranges from great to … well, let’s just say I am aware of at least two free spam blocker which actually add to the problem. Spammers can be quite specific in their efforts to get spam through. There is a common spammer process to set up a website with “remove spam ‘list, people innocently register their email address to. They have, of course, just register on the spammers list and will be bombarded with spam. A more recent approach goes a step further, offering free anti forecasts software. In one case this software was just ineffective and let everyone spammers debris through the second it actually infects the target machine with the application the garbage and used against targets Zombie machine to send spam from.

When dealing with the Internet, due diligence is essential. If you want to free spam blocker, be sure you do your research on it first. Just type the name into Google and see what people are saying. You should do this with a paid spam blocker, too, although they are less likely to be infected, the thought of paying someone to infect my computer disgusts me.

The one anti-spam product that I have had great success with and would gladly support that I saw an ad on my website -. SpamWasher


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